Will the Morari Mor work? Neurostimulation for PE

The Mor is a new device for men who struggle with PE. It uses neurostimulation to temporarily ‘confuse’ the nerve signals between the penis and the brain.

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Premature ejaculation doesn’t often make the news headlines for some reason. But this new gadget did and it’s an interesting development.

Firstly, I have no affiliation with Morari Medical. As a therapist who works with men who struggle with sexual difficulties, this is simply my initial thoughts on the product.

So back to the headlines: Can this device really prevent premature ejaculation?

Headline: can this wearable device really prevent premature ejaculation?

The Mor is a stick-on, wearable device that guys can attach between their testicles and their anus just before sex. I particularly liked the headline in The Sun: it stops PE by zapping you near your bum.

Sun headline: it stops PE by zapping you near your bum

They also referred to the manufacturers of this device as bonktrepreneurs, which I’m sure was hugely appreciated at Morari HQ.

The Mor device attaches to the perineum and here’s the image accompanying the press release. It’s certainly futuristic.

Morari Mor marketing image
Image credit: Morari Medical

As an aside, I’ve recently learned that this bodily region is also known as the taint in North America. It taint your balls, it taint your ass.

The Mor attaches using a chemical-free adhesive, a bit like a band-aid. The manufacturers promise that as long as you do a bit of grooming and maintain a level of hygiene down there, it will stick no problem. Pulling it off after sex should be a painless affair that doesn’t ruin your post-coital warm fuzzies.

It’s called a neurostimulation device because it works by confusing nerve signals between the penis and the brain. It’s true that when penetration begins, sensations from the penis and the movement of the hips send signals up the spine towards the brain. This begins the ejaculatory process, the reflex action that happens quicker in some guys than others for physiological and psychological reasons.

A bunch of nerves combine at the perineum before going up the spine to the brain, so the device attempts to confuse the signals right there. It’s working a little bit like a TENS device, emitting mild electric pulses. Such technology has also been used for pain control and other medical applications.

Now the manufacturers are quite keen to stress mild electrical pulses not electric shocks or zapping. They don’t like that kind of language and they stress that you will only feel a very slight tingling sensation down below.

The device is bluetooth ready and connects to a specific app. This enables you or your partner to turn it up or down, altering the volume of nerve activity to the brain. I guess your partner would do the honours if you found yourself unable to reach your phone and needed to tap out.

All this was unveiled at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it’s not expected to hit the market until early 2023. It has to undergo regulatory approval and it’s not yet clear how much it’s going to cost.

I’m not sure right now whether it’s going to be a reusable device or a disposable, one-time-use thing. Or maybe the electrical pulsing component will be reusable but the adhesive patches will be replaced.

I’m not really big on gadgets and supplements for overcoming premature ejaculation. As a psychotherapist, I lean more towards learning skills for lasting effect. But technology does sometimes deliver; could the Mor become the pacemaker for the penis?

On the positive side, it’s not a medication so there shouldn’t be any side effects. It looks like the Mor device will be relatively affordable too. They seem to be genuine, well-intentioned people behind the company too.

Importantly, this gadget is based on neurological understanding. It doesn’t set off my woo alarm, which is quite rare in a PE self-help product.

On the downside, I can envisage the Mor being a bit clunky to use. It reminds me of a certain age-old technique for overcoming premature ejaculation. Couples were advised to use their fingers to press against the guy’s perineum, to apply a little bit of pressure. Again, clunky.

This was supposed to kind of interrupt the preparation of seminal fluid or send a message to the prostate to slow things down. I was never quite clear on the physiological theory. It’s an old technique long recommended by sex therapists, a bit like the squeeze technique.

Now the Mor device should be a vast improvement on that kind of thing. It’s more automatic, more discreet and it’s using neurostimulation. It’s sending electrical signals rather than just prodding away or applying pressure down there, so it certainly wins on that front.

Of course, this device will only have any effect when it’s being used. But if it helps guys to relieve the pressure to slow down, become aware of the sensations of sex and get to work on those other skills, that’s going to be beneficial.

A million male hopes ride on this product making it to market and delivering on the promise. So no pressure, Morari Medical.

For more information, visit www.morarimedical.com

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