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Waiting women

How can I have sex without stopping?

Many women don’t need (or want) prolonged, penetrative sex to reach orgasm. But many do, and John wishes he could give them just that.

Premature ejaculation treatments: pills, numbing creams, condoms

How to treat premature ejaculation: pills, therapy or self-help?

Part 3 of our Complete Guide to PE. Pills, creams, kegels, therapies, thinking of grandma… the list of treatment options is immense. What really works and what can you try today?

Man sitting by bridge and contemplating

What causes premature ejaculation?

Part 2 of our Complete Guide to PE. Understand exactly what causes the problem. Is it our genetics, all in our minds – or are we doing something wrong?

Turbo rollercoaster stopped upside down at funfair

Sexual excitement: how to apply the brakes

There is no shortage of advice for men struggling with premature ejaculation. Why is it so difficult to apply the techniques when it absolutely matters?

Superman character for super performance

Reality check: how do men in porn last so long?

In porn, men have endless stamina. How do they last so long? And what can us mere mortals learn from porn to improve our own performances?