Reasons why we get stuck

There are a zillion articles on how to last longer. Relaxation tips, helpful positions, body awareness, deep breathing, mental focus… and a lot of the advice is good.

Asking Google how to last longer in bed

So if the answers are out there, why is PE a recurring problem for so many men? What gets in the way of putting this advice into practice? Why do we retreat from sex, going against our desires and causing conflict, confusion and awkwardness?

If you’ve tried to work on your PE but are feeling stuck, keep the faith. These stories, based on real clients, explain the most common reasons why and how to overcome them.

Anxious and worried man

Reason #9: Anxious overthinking and nothing works

For some men, premature ejaculation ruins their lives. Learn exactly why anxiety and fear underlies the problem, and how to successfully nail it.

Watching football

Reason #8: Disconnection and distraction doesn’t work

These two lasting longer techniques are as old as the hills: pausing and thinking of football. But do they actually make for better sex?


Reason #7: Edging without benefits

Everyone knows that edging and orgasm control can help with PE. Understand how to do it right, have awesome orgasms and satisfy your partner.

Sunset drinks

Reason #6: Seeking the miracle formula

Remember that time when you lasted for ages and the sex was awesome? So why can’t you do it again? Learn how to use the power of visualisation to overcome premature ejaculation.

Man cruising in his car

Reason #5: Interoception and the point of no return

When Joe tried to hold in his orgasms, he was destined to fail messily. Instead, he learned how interoception can hugely help with premature ejaculation.

Couple in a communication void

Reason #4: Faking and pretending in a communication void

He pretends that he didn’t ejaculate early, she pretends that she had an orgasm. Sounds familiar? Learn how to break up this frustrating routine without breaking up.

Hard squeezing

Reason #3: Over-kegeling

A strong PC muscle can help with premature ejaculation, so do your kegels. But avoid this common mistake, or you might find yourself ejaculating sooner.

Guy working out hard

Reason #2: Frenetic thrusting

Coming too fast but can’t slow down? It’s a common habit for guys with PE performance worries. Understand how to stay hard and in control.

Lucky charm optimism

Reason #1: I’ll last longer this time

Be positive about overcoming your premature ejaculation. But don’t fall into the trap of positive avoidance; you also need a plan.