The self-help course

Learn the essential skills to enjoy sex for longer

Do you experience conflicted feelings around sex?

You want sexual intimacy, of course, but you don’t want the performance stress and disappointment that keeps coming with it.

As a psychotherapist working with guys, I know how awkward premature ejaculation feels before, during and after sex.

Talking about this intimate problem can feel embarrassing too.

So I put together some simple techniques and exercises that my clients could teach themselves. They found these resources helpful, and provided their own insights.

Based on client feedback, I tweaked and updated to make this information as real-world helpful as possible. I learned a lot along the way.

Since 2017, this is how the Bang On Time course has evolved.

Bang On Time course still and logo

What will you get?

A video-based course, delivered in 3 to 10 minute lessons to follow at your own pace. Plus guided audio sessions to help you relax and immerse yourself in the changes you’ll make.

You’ll learn the fundamental techniques for balancing your excitement and riding those waves of intense sensation.

The focus of the course is building up your skills and restoring confidence in your sexual ability.

I offer a 90 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. My aim is for you to experience 100% satisfaction.

How does Bang On Time differ from other PE self-help books and courses?

Other approaches tend to assume that PE has a single cause, such as tight pelvic muscles or masturbating too quickly.

In reality, multiple factors contribute to the problem. Our physical attributes, our mindset, even the way that we move sexually. All these factors overlap and keep us feeling stuck.

Other approaches tend to rely on a single exercise, such as PC muscle workouts or edging.

My course goes a little deeper, teaching the key aspects of relaxation, awareness and optimal movement. We bridge the gap from training to real sex, so you can bring your solo gains into the bedroom.

Restoring your sexual confidence

If you’ve always struggled to make sex last, my aim is to fill in the missing skills that may have been eluding you.

If you’ve rarely experienced intercourse for longer than a minute or two, it can be a revelation to experience your body doing just that.

Or if you’ve experienced PE more recently, this is your opportunity for a reset. We’ll tackle the frustration and rebuild your confidence step-by-step.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to get in touch.