PYT Balm review: super strong numbing cream for penis sensitivity

PYT Balm will numb your penis unlike any other product on the market. But is it safe or recommended?

PYT balm review - it's bonkers

There’s a mysterious potion that helps men with premature ejaculation last longer. Some say it works like magic.

Stories are told of guys going from a couple of minutes to an hour thanks to this product.

It’s called PYT Balm, or Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese Delay Balm. Sometimes known as Tong Balm too. And it comes in this little golden plastic container.

PYT balm box and coin container

On the box it promises to relieve male emasculation. Gosh.

PYT balm actually works

I’ve spoken with guys who experienced great results, using only a miniscule amount. It gets talked up on Reddit and in men’s forums.

PYT works reddit quote

PYT can be applied hours before having sex, it’s absorbed by the skin, and it’s very effective – as the little leaflet that comes with it says.

So what’s not to like?

Now call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to know what I’m rubbing into my genitals.

Do we know what’s in PYT balm?

There are no ingredients listed on the packaging. hmm.

There is a list on some reseller sites however: ginseng, cloves, brandy, aloe wood, aromatic Oils, 95% petroleum jelly. OK that’s some assurance.

Is the stuff I’m going to rub into my genitals made by a reputable company?

Well, PYT balm is manufactured by Pau Yuen Tong (Pty) Ltd in Pretoria, South Africa. They don’t have a website but there is a gmail address.

And they sell the product in bulk on Alibaba (minimum order 600) so they have a profile on there.

So yes, we know who makes it and that’s a step up from some PE remedies out there. Not that their customer service gmail address is known to be particularly responsive.

Has PYT balm been tested or approved for safety?

No and the manufacturers are upfront about that.

On the back of the bit of paper that comes with it, there’s an expiry date stamp and it clearly says “This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use“.

PYT balm warning notice

SAHPRA is the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority. And PYT isn’t approved by the FDA either, would you believe.

But if a product is intended to be rubbed into the most sensitive part of your anatomy, and then inserted into your partner’s special places – it probably should be evaluated.

But at least there’s no pretence here. Hashtag buyer beware.

PYT Balm and skin irritation

The guys I know who used PYT balm – and lasted longer – stopped using due to the burn. Sooner or later, skin irritation and a burning sensation came into their lives.

And this has been mentioned on Reddit and elsewhere. Some guys put up with it, some say the burning is a sign it’s working. But plenty of users give up PYT for this reason.

If you want to last longer in bed, a burning penis with angry red spots is a high price of admission.

I’m guessing it’s probably the cloves. Clove oil is known to cause a burning sensation and potentially tissue damage if your skin reacts to it.

And there’s the brandy too, and we don’t know what those aromatic oils are.

The thought that makes my legs snap together is the burning sensation that can happen inside your urethra, if you get PYT inside the tip your penis.

PYT balm instructions

Now the limited instructions do say “spread a thin layer around the head of the sex organ“. So around the head and not on the head. But these things can easily spread around, especially during sex, and you are playing with fire here.

PYT balm effectiveness can backfire

The fact that PYT balm works adds to my concerns, because guys will use it regardless. It becomes their go-to for sexual satisfaction.

Then if the irritation flares up and they have to stop using it, they go right back to square one. Men feel like the one thing that worked is now off the menu, and all the frustration kicks back in.

Now some users will no doubt disagree, and say PYT balm is just fine if you use it sensibly, minimally. There’s a very informative video from a YouTuber called Julian which I’ll link to.

He gives detailed and helpful instructions on how to apply PYT balm, based on his own experience. And he gives the same warnings about this stuff being a nuclear option, a PE last resort if you like.

Julian recommends trying other numbing products first, and to make sure you test PYT on your arm first if you are going to go for it.

As a therapist, that’s my advice too.

EMLA cream is a safer alternative to PYT balm

You don’t need to numb your penis to overcome PE, but it can help.

In their online guidance for therapists, the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists here in the UK recommend EMLA cream.

EMLA is safe, approved, tested and can be picked up from the chemists. It’s 5% lidocaine and prilocaine, so no brandy or mystery oils.

Emla cream box

EMLA cream isn’t as hardcore as PYT balm, I know. But it’s an effective way to give yourself a confidence boost with much less risk of the old burning urethra.

As ever, test it on your arm first and if you’re using a condom for contraception, don’t add EMLA into the mix.

It’s recommended to apply EMLA cream to the glans and frenulum 40 minutes before sex if you’re circumcised, 30 minutes before if you’re not. And wash it off just before sex to avoid numbing your partner.

Showing the glans and frenulum using a banana

For more advice on overcoming PE a little more organically, without creams and products, see my self-help PE course.

And if you’ve used PYT balm or have any comments or burning questions, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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