My girlfriend bought a penis sleeve to help me last longer

A top tip for lasting longer in bed: use a penis sleeve. JF explains how he can be spontaneous, confident and give his girlfriend all the orgasms.

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JF writes:

hey thanks for all the information on your website. I want to quickly share what I’ve been doing to help with my pe, hope it’s of some use.

I have a clear communication channel with my gf about sex. Her honesty is brutal at times but I prefer it this way. She’s told me for a while now that she’s unable to come when we’re fucking and that’s cos she takes longer than me. We have an agreement that she will never fake for me (my idea).

We have tried condoms (didn’t help), delay spray (didn’t help). I have tried taking priligy which made a slight improvement but made me feel lightheaded. Could try taking more but priligy is so expensive and not sure it is worth it for me.

My gf has now bought a cock sleeve and we’ve been working pretty well with that. It’s a soft silicone thing with a loop for the balls (a bit tight but holds it in place ok).

Good news everyone: it works better than anything. I can do positions that would only last seconds before and she likes this a lot. I last a good while longer due to less sensation. I still come before her but can keep going anyway as the sleeve keeps enough shape if you know what I mean.

We have used it like 4 times now and she comes every time. This is why I recommend it to you guys.

She asked me before she bought it because she thought I might be offended, it is a bit like a strapon. But tbh I was cool to try anything. Maybe I felt a bit less manly putting it on, it does increase size of course. But I’m not getting jealous of a piece of silicone, guys you will get over this. Do it for your girl.

Props to you and your girlfriend for being so open and pragmatic. It’s great to hear about your positive experience of using a penis sleeve to help sex last longer.

In my opinion, sleeves and hollow strap-ons are preferable to pills. More convenient, more spontaneous and fun to experiment with. Definitely a cheaper option too, just as you say.

Unlike pills, I also believe that this approach can help you in the longer-term. You can use a penis sleeve to get familiar with the movement and mindset of longer sessions. You can train yourself whilst still having actual, real, hot intercourse. And you can continue to pleasure her whether you ejaculate early or not, which is a massive freedom from pressure and performance anxiety.

For anyone feeling insecure about using such a device, remember that men without PE use them too. A penis sleeve is one of the many gadgets that couples use to make sex more exciting. With the benefits of longer and more confident intercourse, what’s not to like?

A final but essential tip: when it comes to sex toys, don’t go straight for the cheapest option. Always check that it is made from materials that won’t cause rashes, leakages or other nasties. Good quality silicone is generally a safe bet.

Thanks, JF, for sharing this top tip and for your words of support.

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  1. I’ve been using one of these with my wife for ages. We don’t always use the sleeve but we have fun mixing it up. No complaints from the wife at all and I recommend to all you guys.

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