How playing Cockhero helped me to overcome my premature ejaculation

Farez explains how he stumbled into the Cockhero genre of gamified porn, and the unexpected benefits to his sexual performance.

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Farez writes:

Before going any further, I should make clear that I’m a 32 year-old, professional man with a mid-ranking career in commercial law. I work hard, I have a long-term girlfriend and I own my own house. I don’t play Playstation or listen to commercial dance music. So I might seem an unlikely candidate to be bigging up the life benefits of regularly masturbating to amateur porn video games with cheesy house soundtracks. But here I am and the benefits are for real.

Let me explain. I’ve never been a long-laster in bed, averaging less than a couple of minutes. I’ve tried a few things over the years, including an expensive course of Harley Street hypnosis treatments. This did absolutely nothing for my PE. I’d reached the conclusion that I must have some sort of genetic shortcoming. It hasn’t caused me too much distress but relationships with women have always had something missing. I would know it, she would know it but we sort of muddled along.

About 3 months ago, I stumbled across an article (I think it was Vice magazine) about the so-called ‘Cockhero’ genre of porn. It explained that some of the most popular uploads on porn tube sites are compilations of clips carefully set to dance music, along with a beat meter and on-screen instructions to stroke along.

Cockhero welcome instructions

My curiosity to explore this phenomenon got the better of me. Maybe it was my nostalgia for masturbating to tacky strip-poker PC games during my formative teenage years.

I’ve watched plenty of porn in my time, progressing from magazines hidden under bushes to DVDs to HD-quality streaming. But Cockhero videos are a different experience, a different form of engagement. Usually we lazily click through videos until we find something sexually arousing, then masturbate to it and switch straight off. With Cockhero, the experience is goal-orientated. As the clips become harder and more intense, we are challenged to stroke to the varying tempos and rhythms and take pause breaks when instructed. The goal is to reach the end of the video, or at least to last longer than on previous attempts.

Some of the videos are better put together than others, and there are thousands upon thousands to choose from. Admittedly some of the tunes are offensive to my ears, but I’ve built up quite a tolerance to bass-heavy, euro-dance tracks now. A lot of it sounds very much like the playlist in my gym, which makes for some unexpected mental visions when I’m working out.

And the thing is this: I truly believe that my ejaculation response has improved tolerance too. I usually find the time to masturbate in this way at least once a week, sometimes twice. And would you believe, I’m lasting longer both in front of the screen AND when having sex with my girlfriend. With an eye on the clock, I can make love continuously for at least 12 minutes now. My membership of the Society of Premature Ejaculators feels finally revoked.

If you’re interested in exploring this avenue, don’t go to the Cockhero website – it’s usually broken. All the big, free porn hubs have a selection of compiled videos. Some are softcore, many are hardcore and they generally follow a plot from posing and undressing to full on, hardcore scenes. Pick a video that does it for you, and have multiple plays to see if you can beat your score.

Cockhero rules screen

There is an active community on Reddit dedicated to this very specific mode of self-improvement, where I now source new releases. Read the feedback on there, and you’ll see that I’m not the only man who has reaped the benefits.

So that’s my advice to you all. Give the Cockhero approach a try with my very best wishes.

Thanks for the contribution, Farez, and for following up your initial message with more detail. What an interesting outcome you experienced there 🙂

This is a form of self-training/edging that I certainly hadn’t come across. But just as Farez says, these Cockhero genre videos are getting 1 million+ views. I suspect that some of the popularity is down to novelty. With the sheer overload of porn available online for free, consumers are easily bored. Anything that offers a fun twist will receive attention, especially with the gaming element thrown in.

So is Cockhero just a teenage bedroom novelty or a legitimate approach to dealing with PE? Farez’s experience suggests the latter, so here are my own considerations.

On the positive side, I can see how these videos introduce a fun and motivational challenge to regular edging. On the Reddit group, I also saw comments from couples who had played along together. Again, this adds a fun element to the traditional start/stop method or the squeeze technique. The latter can certainly feel a bit forced and methodical over time.

Learning how to vary stroke speed and rhythm is also time well spent, as long as we are in touch with our own arousal and not too fixated on the porn.

I’ve written previously about the downsides of becoming too reliant on porn for stimulation. It can be addictive, and can impact how we respond in front of a real partner. I’m not anti-porn and I’m certainly pro-masturbation, but always remember to mix up your routine. Don’t become dependent on porn for your arousal, or PE and potentially ED difficulties could await you.

Ideally, we want to be able to carry over the benefits of our masturbation habits to our sexual encounters with partners. And it sounds like this is exactly what happened for Farez.

There are many aspects to curing PE, including sexual technique, relaxation, tackling anxiety, self-talk and communication with our partners. And the key is to keep an open and experimental mindset. If rising to the challenge of Cockhero videos can help, that’s a force for good IMO.

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