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What causes PE and why does it happen to me?

Some guys naturally last longer than others. For those that don’t, a few additional skills are needed.

But stress and embarrassment gets in the way of levelling up, and guys end up feeling stuck with their premature ejaculation.

Here’s some in-depth explanation of the causes of PE and the various ways it can be treated. If you’re pushed for time, feel free to head straight to the skills section below.

What are the necessary skills to overcome PE and last longer?

Breathing, kegelling, edging, stopping and starting, counting, thinking of anything but sex… some of these things actually work.

But only when we understand what’s going on in our bodies, how these methods influence the ejaculatory process and how to avoid the mistakes that keep us stuck.

Do pills and medications offer a quick fix?

SSRI pills are increasingly prescribed to guys who struggle with PE. Others turn to weed, alcohol or performance supplements with silly names like Ultra Man Maxx. Call me cynical.

Get clear on the benefits and limitations of PE pills and potions.

Does masturbating to porn make PE more likely?

Porn is not the enemy here. But the way that we interact with porn can contribute to the problem.

If you routinely jerk off to your phone, or you can’t help comparing yourself to those guys on the screen, this info is for you.

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Have a specific question or insight about your own experience of PE? Feel free to get in touch, in complete confidence of course.