MYHIXEL Control review: science-based stimulation training

A therapist’s take on the latest arrival to the PE self-help market.

Training for real sexual sensation? Therapist holding MYHIXEL Control device

TL;DR: Combining an innovative training app and (genuinely) real-feel stimulation device, the MYHIXEL Control is a luxury option for men looking to overcome premature ejaculation.

Impressed by the technology and the science behind it, this therapist is giving MYHIXEL a thumbs up.

Full review: MYHIXEL Control training program and device

MYHIXEL make the bold claim that this product can “increase the length of your sexual encounters by up to 7 times“.

As a psychological therapist who works with quite a lot of guys on this delicate problem, this is an intriguing product.

There’s no shortage of self-help books, courses and gadgets for men – often of dubious quality.

So what does MYHIXEL bring to the party? And can it really help men overcome premature ejaculation?

Solo-training vs bridging the gap

If you struggle with early ejaculation, you’ll be familiar with the advice about solo-training.

Masturbating more deliberately, stopping when you get close. Getting to know your own body and feeling more in control of your excitement.

This is solid advice and men get pretty good at it. Sometimes it’s a revelation: wow I’m pleasuring myself here for 10, 20 minutes and more… I can do this!

But that’s the easier part of project last longer in bed.

Because then we have sex with a partner – another living and breathing, hot, sensual being – and we don’t last very long.

It’s a very different experience: the sights, the sensations, that warm embrace of intercourse or whatever penis-in-special-place activity we get up to.

And the anticipation and performance pressure… it’s all very accelerating.

So to properly overcome PE, we need to transfer our skills to sex. To bridge the gap. To bring the insights and the relaxation skills into the bedroom.

For most guys, this is the challenge.

Anything that helps bridge the gap – devices, toys, mindfulness methods, partner communication, experimentation – I’m all for that.

And the more fun it feels, the better. This is where the MYHIXEL Control comes in.

The MYHIXEL technology

The solution is based on the combination of an 8-week exercise program provided by the app, together a stimulation device, the MYHIXEL II.

It’s a PE and climax control training program that gets us closer to emulating real sexual sensation.

The app and device are connected via Bluetooth, so it collects feedback from the device with speed and movement sensors. You can track your progress in the statistics section.

This is much more than a masturbation sleeve, you see.

Genuinely realistic feel

First thing I did when I unboxed this is stick my fingers straight in – of course I did.

And I have to say – gosh. The texture, the internal contours. Top marks for realistic feel.

Jason testing the MYHIXEL for realistic feel - with his fingers

Self-warming to replicate body temperature

The MYHIXEL Control warms up before you use it, taking 5 minutes to warm up and 10 to get fully warm. So using this with lube, pre-heated, you’re getting closer to reality.

And that’s useful. Men who are more on the sensitive side often say that heat and friction are part of the over-stimulation that pushes them over the edge. So you’re getting more acclimatised here.

Vibration for added stimulation

And there’s a PE-specific vibration feature, which you’ll experience in the more advanced parts of the training plan. This will give you more turbulence, more intense sensation to roll with.

Also useful, because you will experience turbulence during sex. Especially good sex.

Hand-free sexual emulation

Some of the exercises will require you to go hands-free, working with your movement, your thrusting game.

This is essential and again, it’s closer to real sexual experience.

There’s an optional hands-free accessory or you can use it between pillows, for example.

One of my clients who used a MYHIXEL II device made a breakthrough this way. Emulating the movement of missionary position, with the device, he noticed tensions in his lower body and his glutes that he just hadn’t detected before.

He was too flustered to notice with his partner, and masturbating and edging solo wasn’t recreating the movement. But this device and the app got him to that point, and taught him what to do about it.

The MYHIXEL science

A bit of backstory: the MYHIXEL brand was created by Spanish entrepreneur Patricia López Trabajo. She previously worked at Fleshlight and spotted a gap in the market.

PE treatments and solutions want men to feel less, to numb themselves, or lessen the physical sensation of intercourse.

Patricia López Trabajo

Patricia set out to offer an alternative: a solution that enables men to get used to heightened pleasure.

This makes sense to me. Overcoming premature ejaculation is all about being able to soak up sensation, not block it.

Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, Patricia was able to fund research in partnership with sexologists from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and get FDA approval for MYHIXEL as a medical device.

Again, this is completely laudable and makes a change from the unscientific snake oil and quackery that plagues the sexual self-help market.

Their research concludes that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) “has a limited role in the contemporary management of premature ejaculation”.

CBT is a therapy for treating anxiety, depression and a bunch of other issues. If you get talk therapy through your doctor or the NHS, it’ll probably be CBT.

When we are stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours, the CBT approach helps us to tackle each of these aspects. There are techniques for challenging unhelpful thoughts and finding better ways of responding to them.

Crucially, a CBT therapist breaks this down into small, manageable steps and closely measures progress.

I’m not a CBT therapist, but I can see how this relates to premature ejaculation. From their very first sexual experience, guys can find themselves stuck in a loop of performance anxiety, self-doubt and eventually despair.

A behavioural approach to PE can help change the pattern over time, and solo-training is private and convenient. We can do it alone and use a timer to measure our progress.

When we witness ourselves chill out and last longer, we start to feel more positive and confident in our abilities.

There’s nothing particularly ground-breaking here. But MYHIXEL introduces a fun, incremental strategy rather than simply trying to masturbate for longer. And the coolness of their brand helps break down taboo and feelings of embarrassment.

Peloton did something similar for making the exercise bike in the living room feel sexy and aspirational.

Some studies (not conducted by MYHIXEL) have suggested that masturbating using a device can desensitise penile nerves and have a numbing effect. Guys have reported problems getting hard with their partners.

But I guess this very much depends on the device. Some Fleshlight-clones look like potato peelers. Don’t go too cheap is the takeaway here.

Synchronised mind-body approach

The MYHIXEL Play program begins with a message of “hello, forget everything you think you know about ejaculation” and gets back to basics.

The introduction you didn’t get in sex education class or fumbling around or from watching porn, in other words.

This resonates with me. In therapy, we need to address so much misinformation. And fear, shame, and comparisons to those men in porn who just go forever.

All this stuff keeps us stuck. So a reset of that, with insights into what you can actually do – you get that here.

In practical terms, there’s a bit of setup and understanding the controls, but it’s well supported with how-to videos. First use, following the programme and cleaning the device after use.

That last bit is important, because we’re not going to persevere with something that takes ages to clean up every time. MYHIXEL make this straight-foward, as the sleeve can be removed for easy cleaning.

And connecting the device up via bluetooth so the app can track your progress: it works well and there’s good support on that too.

Top tip – remember to have location enabled on your phone too.

The app takes a gamified approach to keep you motivated, with a space exploration theme and levelling-up your abilities.

The app is quite persistent too – and I think that’s important. It’s not going to let you just whizz through it, like so many of us do.

Give me a course or a book and I’ll flip through – oh I see, yeah I got that – without actually putting the work in. Then I wonder why I don’t get the results.

The MYHIXEL Play app will champion you to stick with it. Use it 3 times a week for 6 to 12 weeks, which sounds reasonable to me.

And there’s a variety of fitness content, nutritional advice and mindfulness tips, all tailored to enhance your sexual health.

You might hear my voice here and there, by the way. MYHIXEL reached out to me after seeing a few YouTube videos, and asked if I could lend my British tones.

I’m pleased and flattered to have contributed to the project.

Conclusion: MYHIXEL Control helps men close the orgasm gap

As an adjunct to therapy, a way to get that gap bridged, and as an investment in your own personal development. Good job MYHIXEL, I say.

The package retails for €239, directly from MYHIXEL’s website.

Top tip: enter JASONDEAN10 at checkout for an extra 10% off the promoted price.

Remember that for most guys, overcoming PE is a mixed art. Lowering anxiety, developing sexual skills and partner communication are all elements in building a new template for sexual pleasure.

The MYHIXEL Control gets you off to a positive start, quite literally.

You’ll learn and develop the key skills of ejaculation control. And you’ll have fun in the process.

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