CBD oil for premature ejaculation: a slippery slope

Can CBD oil really help guys with premature ejaculation? Or will it add another layer of stress?

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So you’re struggling with premature ejaculation. You’re finding it difficult to relax and settle into sex and enjoy it for longer.

Maybe you’re feeling under pressure to perform for your new partner. Or perhaps this has always been a problem for as long as you’ve been having sex. Either way, you’re frustrated.

You’ve tried telling yourself to calm down. You’ve tried counting, thinking of grandma and those military-grade Prolonged Pleasure condoms. It hasn’t made any difference.

So in googling around and looking at potential solutions, you’ve seen articles and adverts about CBD oil specifically for premature ejaculation.

CBD oil for premature ejaculation article sample

You’ve also noticed that there are a zillion self-published ebooks on Amazon all about the benefits of CBD for PE. Some of them claim to be written by doctors and people with PhDs.

Nonsense CBD premature ejaculation books

I’m perturbed by the cover image on the last one. Cannot unsee.

Now CBD products have been heavily promoted in the media for some years now. Maybe you’ve got a mate at work who takes CBD oil for his anxiety and he swears by it. He would not be without it and it even fixed his dog’s eczema problem.

Dog taking CBD oil

And CBD is something to do with cannabis, right? It comes from the same source and we know that cannabis is effective. It does something, otherwise it wouldn’t be so controversial and illegal in so many places. But CBD oil and other CBD products don’t come from the psychoactive part of the plant, so they are safe and legal to buy in the UK so what’s not to like?

So you start shopping around and you notice that this stuff is expensive. But maybe that’s a good indicator. Surely this means it’s effective and hence in high demand. You can’t help noticing that some of the websites and manufacturers look a bit dodgy. Best to shop around and do your research.

After a bit of reading and trying to understand some of the terms (full spectrum, broad spectrum, CBD isolate…), you find one that’s quite cheap and looks good. So you take the plunge.

You cannot wait for it to arrive. You get expedited shipping so it comes as quickly as possible. This is quite exciting. This could make all the difference.

CBD oil brown bottle

Finally it arrives and it’s a fairly unassuming little bottle of brown liquid. But it must be potent because it says in the user guide to take two to four drops maximum under the tongue. Give it about an hour to feel the effects. Again kind of exciting.

Then Friday night comes around with your partner and the vibes are good. You take your CBD oil. You take a couple of drops very carefully, mustn’t spill any.

You wait an hour to feel the effects. You move in, and your partner says “What’s going on with your breath? Why do you taste like you’ve been eating compost?“. Good point. You go and brush your teeth.

So you have sex and on this occasion, it doesn’t really make any difference. It’s still a bit quick. But that’s okay because you’re still getting used to this stuff, and it did say that you need to give it time and experiment with the dosage.

Over the next few days, you take a little bit more oil to really get it into your system and get used to it.

A couple of days later, the opportunity for sex arises again. So you take the full dose. You take all four drops. This must do something and it’s exciting.

While you wait for your super powers to arrive, your imagination summons all the things you’re going to do. All the positions, the energy, the performance. You even brush your teeth in advance this time.

Unfortunately the same thing happens and sex is over quite quickly. Which doesn’t really make sense, so you start to think. Is there something wrong with me? Or maybe it’s this cheap stuff. Maybe this cheap stuff is no good and I need to spend a bit more money and invest in something purer, higher strength.

It’s starting to get properly expensive now. You’re looking at £90 for a small bottle, and that doesn’t include delivery. You have to think about that.

£99 bottle of CBD oil

The next day you get up early and you buy on impulse. You find an organic natural blend. It’s 30% strength, highest-quality CBD oil. It’s got to be worth it. Delivery is two weeks and you cannot wait.

Now the next day, the prospect of sex with your partner comes along once more. The vibes are good and she’s up for it. But you haven’t got your CBD oil. You’re not prepared.

A feeling of panic sets in. Do I chug the whole bottle of the cheap stuff, at least to give myself something? What’s going on? Do I really need this supplement? Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Sex felt stressful enough already.

A couple of weeks later, the high-strength CBD oil arrives. But it makes no difference. Things are still over too quickly. And now you’re feeling really disappointed and confused. I thought CBD oil was supposed to help with anxiety.

You feel like you’re running out of options here. You’ve kind of committed to this, but maybe you fell victim to a scam product. Maybe this one was no good. So you go on Trustpilot to check the reviews and they’re a really confusing mix.

A hundred percent, five stars. This stuff is amazing. It solved all my problems.

Total rubbish, complete waste of money. And it gave me really horrible dreams 🙁

More frustrated googling a few days later. You see a CBD oil that’s made in Finland and it comes from only the best sources. It’s tested by in-house scientists and that must be true because there’s a picture of a scientist on their website. So your finger hovers over that buy button, and on and on this story goes.

Scientists in a lab

I’ve taken some artistic license here, but I think I’m describing a common experience. We could be talking about any frustrating health issue. We could be talking about premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction or irritable bowel syndrome or insomnia or anxiety. Anything that feels ongoing and difficult and there are supplements and herbal products that claim to make a difference. We’re all vulnerable to wanting to find a solution.

There is some firm evidence that CBD oil can help with childhood epilepsy. Research suggests it might have some benefit for chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.

There is no shortage of speculation that CBD calms the nervous system. Dr Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and CNN medical correspondent, regularly talks up the potential benefits of CBD oil for all kinds of issues. But so far, hard scientific evidence doesn’t back this up.

Ever since CBD came onto the market, it’s been over-promised and over-hyped. Particularly during the COVID pandemic, we saw a rise in demand and prices because of nonsensical promises that it helped strengthen the immune system.

Remember that the market for premature ejaculation solutions is massive. It’s estimated that one in three guys experience the problem. PE can be extremely frustrating and quite depressing too.

A lot of guys feel desperate. They are primed and looking for a quick solution. For the record, there is absolutely no evidence that CBD or CBD oil has any benefit for premature ejaculation or lasting longer in bed.

For the record, there’s no evidence that the psychoactive cannabinoid THC helps to delay ejaculation either. In fact, THC might well speed things up.

On a positive note, CBD oil is probably harmless. The fact that it’s expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe, but the general consensus is that CBD oil is relatively safe.

There’s also the placebo effect. It’s a known phenomenon that the more expensive the placebo is, the more likely it is to work. There’s a psychological motivation at play here.

If a guy is experiencing premature ejaculation and his parameters are anxiety, stress and worry, then maybe CBD oil can help address some of that. Maybe he’ll feel some respite from his anxiety.

So if you’re taking CBD oil to last longer in bed and you’re finding some benefit from it, I’m not going to argue with that.

My point here is there are alternative ways to effectively overcome premature ejaculation. And they don’t require any kind of supplement. It’s about learning skills. It’s about developing ways and techniques to find that balance of excitement and arousal.

Building confidence in yourself means instilling realistic understanding and expectations from sex, as well as what our own bodies do.

It helps to understand the causes of premature ejaculation, the physiological, psychological and sometimes relationship aspects of it. On that front, communication and being on the same page as your partner is massively helpful.

Ultimately, when you try a supplement or a technique or a method to overcome PE, you are being resourceful. This is creative problem-solving and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s an essential attitude to have. But so is knowing that if it doesn’t work, if you persist and it patently doesn’t work, you can be realistic about that.

You draw a line under the experiment and move on, without catastrophising or reaching the conclusion that there’s something really wrong with you. Either the product didn’t live up to the promise or it just wasn’t right for you, and there are plenty of other options and things that you can try.

I hope this is helpful and thank you for watching.

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