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What causes premature ejaculation?

Part 2 of our Complete Guide to PE. Understand exactly what causes the problem. Is it our genetics, all in our minds – or are we doing something wrong?

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What is premature ejaculation and how common is it?

Part 1 of our Complete Guide to PE. Understand what it is and how many men (really) struggle with it.

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Premature ejaculation and depression: it’s a big deal

Men with premature ejaculation are prone to anxiety and depression. So what stops them reaching out for help?

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The stop-start technique: avoid these common fails

Many men get the stop-start technique completely wrong. He feels awkward, she gets bored. In this article, I’ll explain how to master this trick: last longer and wow your partner in the process.

How to treat premature ejaculation - Superman with SSRI pills

Does Priligy work, and do you need it?

Antidepressant pills have an unexpected side-effect: difficulty reaching orgasm. Priligy markets this side-effect as the wonder medication for staying harder for longer. But does Priligy work, and do you really want it in your life?

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Sexual excitement: how to apply the brakes

There is no shortage of advice for men struggling with premature ejaculation. Why is it so difficult to apply the techniques when it absolutely matters?

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Reality check: how do men in porn last so long?

In porn, men have endless stamina. How do they last so long? And what can us mere mortals learn from porn to improve our own performances?