Screen showing porn hidden in duvet

Kicking your porn addiction can help you last longer

Stop jerking to porn and reconnect with your body. It sounds simple, but old porn habits die hard. Here’s a free resource to help with that.

Man talking on phone by productivity mural

I don’t have time to fix my PE

Daan wants to up his sexual stamina, but his life is all family and work. How can he find the headspace to even get started?

Cannabis plants growing in field

Does cannabis help with premature ejaculation?

Cannabis and CBD products are all the rage for relaxation and anxiety relief. So what about men with premature ejaculation – does CBD help guys last longer?

Anxious and worried man

Reason #9: Anxious overthinking and nothing works

For some men, premature ejaculation ruins their lives. Learn exactly why anxiety and fear underlies the problem, and how to successfully nail it.

Watching football

Reason #8: Disconnection and distraction doesn’t work

These two lasting longer techniques are as old as the hills: pausing and thinking of football. But do they actually make for better sex?


Can the Wim Hof Method help with premature ejaculation?

Wim Hof’s breathing technique and mental focus is great for energy and stamina. So can it help guys who struggle with premature ejaculation?


Reason #7: Edging without benefits

Everyone knows that edging and orgasm control can help with PE. Understand how to do it right, have awesome orgasms and satisfy your partner.

Sunset drinks

Reason #6: Seeking the miracle formula

Remember that time when you lasted for ages and the sex was awesome? So why can’t you do it again? Learn how to use the power of visualisation to overcome premature ejaculation.

Man cruising in his car

Reason #5: Interoception and the point of no return

When Joe tried to hold in his orgasms, he was destined to fail messily. Instead, he learned how interoception can hugely help with premature ejaculation.

Couple in a communication void

Reason #4: Faking and pretending in a communication void

He pretends that he didn’t ejaculate early, she pretends that she had an orgasm. Sounds familiar? Learn how to break up this frustrating routine without breaking up.