Alpha-Herb review: a potent delay tonic for PE

Does Alpha-Herb really help men overcome premature ejaculation? An unbiased review of this intriguing delay tonic.

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This endurance product for men – Alpha-Herb delay tonic – is getting rave reviews. Effective for 4 to 5 hours, it claims. Wow.

It was introduced to me by one of my therapy clients. He’d seen the buzz about Alpha Herb as a cure for premature ejaculation. By the magic of Amazon Prime, he was applying it 12 hours later.

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What’s special about Alpha-Herb?

It’s a natural remedy that doesn’t numb sensation. That’s already a selling point, compared to numbing creams and sprays that help you last longer by feeling less.

You apply a few drops to the head of your penis and just below the head. You wait 3 minutes and wash it off. Give it an hour to take full effect, and you’re good to go for the whole night, according to the instructions.

And yes, that’s 4 to 5 hours according to the manufacturers.

A lot of numbing products start to wear off after 15 minutes, so we tend to rush to intercourse. That’s counter-productive if you’re hoping for a long, pleasurable experience. It’s an additional stressor too.

But with 4 to 5 hours, you can be as laid-back and seductive as you like.

Is Alpha Herb too good to be true?

Well I’m not affiliated or selling it or invested, and I’m a natural cynic. So here’s my review.

We have a tiny bottle – this is the sample size which sells for around £15. It says you’ll get 12+ uses from this. There’s a bigger bottle available too.

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It’s kind of watery, with no aroma that I can detect. This is good, because some delay sprays smell like the antiseptic your mum once applied when you fell over.

The ingredients are simple too: organic rubiaceae herb extract and stabilized water. So no dark mysteries here, unlike certain exotic balms I could mention.

The herb extract is uncaria gambir. This south east asian plant has a long history of medicinal use, including delaying ejaculation. And it’s generally considered safe to use.

Go easy with application

The UK manufacturers of Alpha-Herb are quite upfront: this product hasn’t been tested by the FDA and isn’t an approved pharmaceutical product.

You should always be careful with these herbal concoctions, especially when they’re heading straight for your most sensitive parts.

Alpha-Herb recommend that you test 1 drop for 24 hours and look out for any hot or tingly sensations, especially when you apply warmth from your hand. This will determine how much you should apply when you use it for real.

Washing off with soap is essential – don’t leave it on longer than the recommended 3 minutes. Guys tend to get carried away with these things, trying to get maximum effect. Oh another 5 squirts for luck, why not…

With some of the more mainstream numbing creams like EMLA or Promescent, you can probably get away with over-use. Your penis might have an out of body experience for a while but no harm done.

But with products like Apha-Herb, that way lies redness and burning. ayayay

There’s a risk of skin irritation or an allergic reaction in rare cases, so always check with your doctor if any problems. And they’ll probably tell you off for rubbing herbal extracts into your penis.

So does Alpha Herb work?

My brave client has used it several times and he’s lasting around 10 minutes, when his natural duration is closer to one minute. This is working better for him than the delay condoms he was using before. He’s happy.

And no nasty side effects for him or his partner, I’m pleased to report.

He’s also receiving therapy for premature ejaculation so bear that in mind. He’s using this as a support while he works on other aspects.

And looking online, rave reviews as I said. They seem to be genuine, and there’s positive feedback on the PE subreddit too.

Some guys didn’t last longer when they gave it the jerking off test. But Alpha-Herb say it becomes active through warmth, the heat of penetration. So it might not kick in without that. I guess if you’re using a heated pleasure-device like the MyHixel, you should notice a difference.

This is interesting. The warmth of intercourse tends to add to the intensity that pushes guys over the edge. So if there’s a plant leaf that counteracts this – isn’t nature amazing sometimes?

Pros, cons and longer-term use

Alpha-Herb say the more you use it, the longer you’ll learn to last: your brain will get rewired for longer intercourse.

As a psychological therapist, I’m adding a caveat: if you’re using these things as part of developing your sexual skills. This is a viable confidence booster, giving you time to experiment.

But if you rely on the product alone, your brain might just get the message that you need it every time.

And when you try to be spontaneous or have sex without it, you feel exposed and on edge. So my top tip: don’t depend on delay products.

Conclusion: Alpha-Herb is one of the better options out there

Alpha-Herb sells on Ebay and Amazon and their own website, priced at £15 pounds for the sample bottle and £30 for the bigger one.

Use it sensibly. Ignore the 3 minute warning at your peril. You should experience a prolonging effect.

You probably don’t want to be using Alpha-Herb (or any other delay balm or tonic) regularly for months and months. But not a bad option for discovering what your body is capable of.

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