About the Bang On Time project

If you found us via Google, you may have noticed the 50 billion results for anything related to lasting longer in bed. This problem is huuuge.

There’s a lot of nonsense in those results too. Pointless herbal pills. Trojan 3000 cream. Jock Cockmaster’s Ultimate Guide to Banging Her All Night Tonight. Colour me cynical.

The Bang On Time project provides real facts, techniques and hope for anyone affected by this issue.

Project aims

  • To generate fresh ideas and conversations about premature ejaculation.
  • To provide clear guidance on sexual confidence, relationship risks and keeping this whole thing in perspective.
  • To support men and their partners in overcoming difficulties and embracing their sexual selves.

Cartoon of man with satisfied and unsatisfied female partner

Who is behind the project?

I’m Jason Dean, a psychotherapist and writer from the UK. Drawing upon elements of sexological understanding and Human Givens therapy, I practise a holistic approach to overcoming premature ejaculation. Any questions or comments are welcome.

Six reasons why I started the project:

1) Through my therapy work with clients, and my own personal experience, I know that sexual performance is a big deal. Whether we’re aware of it or not, much of our self-confidence and identity is rooted in how we perceive ourselves as sexual beings. If you go around telling yourself that you’re crap in bed, you are limiting your life experience. It doesn’t have to be like this.

2) When I asked my doctor about premature ejaculation (for my friend, ok), he removed his glasses, fixed me with empathetic eyes and softly said “oh there’s not much you can do about that”. Well thanks doc, this website is for you too.

3) When I bought the UK’s leading sex therapist’s book about premature ejaculation (for research purposes, ok), it pretty much said the same thing. In a nutshell, the advice was: get very good at foreplay. Now foreplay is all well and good, but I refused to accept that nothing more could be done to improve our performance in the sack. I just knew, goddammit.

4) If you’ve checked out other resources for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or whatever, you’ll see a lot of focus on breathing, edging, pelvic muscle control, etc. Now don’t get me wrong – this is good, useful stuff. But what really works is a holistic approach, combining practical techniques with a positive sexual mindset. Nobody got good at sex by kegelling and edging alone.

5) In the gym, I’ve learned that the body can do awesome things that its owner never thought possible. Research has proven that a similar approach to sexual performance training – understanding good form, adapting our bodies to stimulation – will result in significant benefits. And I’m not talking about that thing where you place a towel over your penis and try to make it dance.

6) Why not be your best sexual self? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Sexual confidence is an acquired skill just like anything else, and we’re all capable of mastering it.

If I can motivate you to follow the steps and experience this for yourself, then all my effort studying hip-thrusting dynamics and seminal expulsion will have been truly worthwhile. Just send me a postcard when you reach sexual nirvana.


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