Overcome your premature ejaculation, without pills or panic

It is estimated that 31% of men experience premature ejaculation. That’s a lot of men.

When we struggle to make sex last, our relationships suffer and our confidence crashes. That’s a lot of men under immense stress, and a lot of relationships on the line.

If you’re looking for practical, science-based techniques for developing your sexual confidence, that’s what this project is about. I’m Jason Dean, a psychotherapist based in the UK.

Six things you should know about PE

  1. It’s the most common sexual worry for men.
  2. Some men naturally ejaculate faster than others, for a multitude of reasons. The problem might be ‘lifelong’, acquired or just occur now and again.
  3. There are pills that can help temporarily, but there is no medical ‘cure’.
  4. There are sprays and creams that can help, a bit.
  5. There are techniques for managing sexual excitement and learning how to last longer.
  6. Whatever your age, experience or genetics, there is a strategy for you.

Intrigued? Here are some starter links

PE feels like a hit to your masculinity, I know. But as a therapist specialising in men’s health, I aim to provide sensible, proven advice and techniques.