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Overcome your premature ejaculation, without pills or panic

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Hello chaps

I’m Jason Dean, a psychotherapist specialising in men’s health. Helping guys to tackle anxiety and relationship problems, I understand how frustrating it is when sex finishes too soon.

It’s awkward, I know. Embarrassment gets in the way of seeking help, and couples end up stuck in an unsatisfying sexual routine.

The good news: you can enjoy sex for longer

When we have sex with ‘must keep calm and not come yet‘ stuck in our minds, PE will keep happening. So let’s change that.

Maybe you’ve already tried deep breathing and counting backwards whilst thinking of grandma. Yet here you are.

My approach is two-fold:

  • I explain the techniques that are proven to work.
  • I show you how to dial down performance stress so they can work for you.

It is estimated that 31% of men experience premature ejaculation.

So you’re certainly not alone.

For practical, science-based techniques for developing your sexual confidence, come on in.